Table Trac Inc., founded in 1995 by President and CEO Chad Hoehne, is a leader in the creation and implementation of Casino Management Systems. Originally created and patented as a table games management system, customer demand for our reliable systems has led to the development of Casino Trac, a complete suite of casino management products.
At the time of this printing, there are 50 + casinos operating the Casino Trac system, enjoying up to the minute management information and marketing innovations. These properties, located across North, South and Central America range in size from 30 to 1500 slot machines.
As a publicly traded company, all of our information is available at the SEC, www.sec.gov. We encourage prospective customers to reach out to our current customers to hear firsthand how our innovations and support have enabled them to run successful casino operations. Casino Trac will be happy to provide you with a contact list and/or arrange for market visits to see our products in the field.
No problem at all! Casino Trac was the first gaming system provider to provide the Oklahoma market with a consolidated floor. Casino Trac is the industry leader in combining S2S and SAS for complete floor reporting.
Casino Trac has a series of unique distribution methods to bring restrictive credit vouchers to the floor. The restricted credits remain on the game until they are played off, and cannot be redeemed for cash! Our methods of distribution include our very own restricted credit voucher printers, contest kiosks, and direct mail – all designed to ensure your promotional dollars entertain the customer without walking out the door.
No, with the Casino Trac reflexive rewards automated tiering, you are in total control of your tiering parameters. Our proprietary tiering system tiers on demand and every two hours, to your specifications, giving you the most up to date player information available.
Casino Trac is the most audit-friendly casino system today, tying machine meters to employee activities across the casino. Casino Trac provides a set of tools designed by auditors to facilitate daily revenue audits and provide an efficient path to complete this work quickly and easily.
Casino Trac has comparative analysis and compliance measuring reports, and also provides graphical floor representations to help you visualize and understand the numbers and maximize the value of the management information from your system. Casino Trac gives real value that other systems either charge extra to install, or offer as third party add-on solutions.
Marketing is one of the areas in which the Casino Trac system truly excels. Your system will enable your customers to earn and redeem points in all multiples, accrue cash back, and perform hot seat drawings that segregate your gaming floor by gender, tier and vendor. We give you the ability to download all the data in spreadsheet format. This allows you to sort for your specific needs. Additionally, you can purchase our award winning kiosk and digital signage modules for enhanced tier based Marketing.
Casino Trac’s players club system brings a set of promotional tools and flexible/scalable technology that sets us apart from other systems. This enhances all customer interactions which helps foster increased engagement and value to your brand and club.
Yes! With your Casino Trac System, you can generate on demand reporting that will tell you who participated in a particular promotion, how long they played, and coin-in generated. You can also see where your customers are coming from and how much you are generating from cities all around you.
Casino Trac has worked with our customers on financing, leasing, or revenue share arrangements to provide the most effective solution. We are confident that your operations will profit many times the cost of our systems, and our bottom line is YES.
No, not at all, because of the unique user-friendly design. If you can send an e-mail or surf the Internet, you will be able to operate the Casino Trac system.
Due to Casino Trac’s unique architecture, our Source Agnostic system works with Mac, PC, iOS, Android, and Linux.